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What is the commission payable to the regular brokers? Can someone suggest some good brokers in Bangalore?
Since I trade infrequently and hold for about 2 weeks an online broker would not be necessary. Placing trades over the phone is sufficient.
After enquiring with ICICI I found that I cannot place stop losses for more than a day and the stop has to be renewed every day.
Would stop losses with a regular broker need to be renewed every day?
Do I have to open a separate demat account?
Your opinions please.
You can visit Karvy brokerage houses in basavanagudi, bangalore.They are established can help you. But regarding putting stoplosses for more than a day I think unless you know any broker personelly it is very hard to find one. :confused: Most of the online brokers too alow you to trade over the telephone. You can check at indiainfoline's offices at various places in bangalore.


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Thanks Usha.
You mean that everyone here is renewing their stops daily? I do know the online brokers allow phone calls, just thought a broker would provide more personal service. ICICI is out at 0.55% each way only Geojit left to look at.

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