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I had purchased 100 shares of NIIT tech in 2014 and I purchased another 100 in 2015.The average hold price in my sharekhan account was 412.Few days back i sold 150 shares of NIIT tech.After selling the stocks the average hold price of 50 stocks was displaying as 432.When I asked the sharekhan customer care,he told me that the selling price is determined based on when the stocks were purchased.He told me that the stocks that i purchased last years will get out first.Since the stocks that I purchased in 2015 were at higher price,my hold price of NIIT tech increased from 412 to 432.That is why in DP-SP report it is showing as higher.


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Sharekhan, as a broker, at least provides you with a real time portfolio tracker in its DPSR.

Most other NSE NOW based brokers do not even tell you your purchase price. They just tell you what it is worth now.

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong way to do this calculation, because each person tends to view this differently.

Even the same person may want other-wise identical sell transaction to be treated differently based upon his/her tax situation in a given fin. year.

The best (and cumbersome) approach is to maintain your own spreadsheet and calculate the average price as you would want them.

A freeware called MProfit that advertises on Traderji that it can read your contract notes automatically, but, in practice, it mis-reads contract notes almost half of the time and every time you complain to them, the tech support asks you to email your contract notes to them. VERY VERY BAD IDEA :mad:

I have been after sharekhan to add a column in DPSR to tell me number of days I've been holding a given stock.

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