Regarding Options thread

Hello all the friendly users of the forum.

I have seen that there is no active thread regarding discussion on " Options " .

So I would request any Option guru in the forum to start the option thread as discussion leads to knowledge sharing & also many small people are trading options.

I think it will be very active thread if any knowledge person support the thread.

Request ST sir & others to look into the matter.

Suggestions from large number of members will ensure the opening of the thread . So I request all the members to reply regarding the idea.
Bhai , request you to share BankNIFTY & stock options trade when ever it comes.

Moderator sir , you can delete this thread as it was my mistake that I didn't see the thread

Thank you


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To tell you truth ....

Trading is option is like living on edge of sword . you never know when u will get cut
Profits are 10 % 30% 300%
But loss are also same 30% 50% 100% All gone.

there will be very few ppls that survive option business
this blood bath lurks lot of innocent traders that only end of burnt finger

I still remember when sultan movie was released .. I looked st PL statement it said 8 lakhs loss

there was this song
Kismat ko aave saamne
Tu mode de uska panja re..-2
Chal mode de uska panja re..

I got very much inspired by that song and said I ain;t quitting this blood bath as looser . i don;t wanna die as looser in option business

This happens only once in 1 decade when a looser by his own will transforms himself into Wolverine....

when u are in losss and u supass that loss then i think that requires Lions Heart

ppls that win for consistent 3 months more Daring ? OR guy that surpasses his losses
You Decide Smiles :)

When u are on top in market give away wealth to parent / loved one .. thats only way
you have to digest profit .
that is what i did i gave away my wealth to family member and have kept 1.5 laks in trading account and another 400K as backup in my fd for trading.

Hope now u know why options are sins Pure alike Gambling

Time 3:30 pm after option trade i am like :--

Moral of story :-- Kids stay away from Options .. paper trade for 6 months if you are in profit Only then come in option business :) else You will end like "Messing with fii (Best)Die like rest "

I haven;t met person thats Virgin in option Trading coz markets F's them all :)
Tough tough tough hai life yahan
Usse bhi tough tu banke dikha
Pal pal aage badta hi jaa
Khudko manzil tak pahucha

Aaj ke aage kal ko jhuka
Soch na tu ab karke dikha
Jeetna chahe agar tu yahan
Kar khudko taiyar zara
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