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I am wonder, is it possible to take the power india bulls or india infoline's live tick data to metastock using some conversion utilities during market hours, if this is possilbe then, the whole intra-day live data problem could be solved.
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yaa we need to work on this.. this will be very good for us...
anyone has any suggestion.. from where we should start?

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veneet said:
yaa we need to work on this.. this will be very good for us...
anyone has any suggestion.. from where we should start?

I think the developers of Metaserver Rt will provide thw wayout
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unless the brokers terminal software provides an api or a dll for using a dde server it will not be possible to extract data.

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Yesterday I visited and it has a utility called RTQDownloader & in their website they say its realtime.

I have contacted them & they replied its realtime & you can save quotes tick by tick or 1 M charts. Get a 14 days free trial & see is it worth.

Cost is approx 3500 for 6 months & 6000 for 1 year.

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Dear osp2osp,----by joy_mitali
I am a newbee in your forum.Plz forgive me if I say something wrong.Actually I use Indiabulls Power tradins software.You can freely get the tick by tick data on any stk u want.Select Stk(eg. TISCO)in PowerIndiaBulls.Press F5.u get intraday chart.Right click on chart. Select "Ticklist".u will get entire intraday data.Select "Export".Give your path of saving.The data will be saved as .csv file.U nell Excel to see the data.Then u analyze data. PowerIndia bulls is based on really a great real time data.Itried to do a bit of reverse engeneering.(for educational purpose only)Till now failed.Bcause the Java software ia encrypted.I do not know the entire utilities.But I can feel that will all the chartoptions There is probably no need of Metastock,though Ihave never seen metastock.I do not hve money to misutilise for such purpose.I m tyying to develop a software as Exceladd in .I do not how long it will take. Iam a new entry in this arena.
Hope, I am a bitof hlp to u.
Thank u traderji for all the articles posted in your forum.
PLz let me know how I can post my wishes Cannot find where to post.
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Hello Joy

There is nothing wrong in your reply. Always feel free. I am looking for someone who has automated the whole process of converting the tick data from India Bulls into MS in a seamless manner With warm regards.

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