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I came across one post regarding a technology share where people kept on asking for the record date. For those who do not know, if you go to, on the right hand corner under equities nifty and nifty junior stock watch is given where all the record dates on major shares can be known at one shot. For those where the dividends have not been declared, last year's dates are shown which sometimes are an indication of likely declaration.

In the bhavcopy, the rest of the stock dividend ex-dates are given whereever dividends are declared.

Under most active securites and top gainers and losers too, the ex-dates are given.

You can copy/paste in excel and sort in descending order date wise to know which dividend is due.

Brokers try to keep shares with them around ex-dates and try to usurp dividends of those who are not vigilant enough. So one should always be careful.
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Hi sh50,

Very helpful information , still a query ( just for clarification ) :
Do you mean to say that Ex Date is the date which is called as "record-date" ?


There is a link "Corporate Announcements" on . You can find the details of recently announced dividend/ bonus/rights & record date for all the companies there.



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THere is a bhavcopy in zip form. If you unzip there is a wealth of information.-abt 10 files. Dividends are given in the file BC120505(or whatever date). That is far neater and better than under corporate announcements. If you know excel commands you can even filter only for dividends exclusively.

The text files contain info in haphazard form but perhaps some software expert can tell us how to make it neat. I tried Excel's data text to columns without success.

This I have said in another post but since it is really useful I am repeating here
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The bonus thing is a very valid point. I have never seen ex-date for bonus being given the way dividends are given. Only the broker gives that. Anybody any info on that?

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