Recommended Books on Practical Trading Strategies


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Recommended Books on Practical Trading Strategies

Had a bad year... or would you like to improve your trading performance? Don't despair and quit!

Below is a list of ebooks in which you will find trading systems can make a fortune if used properly.

Rather than having you spend hours and hours figuring profitable trading strategies, I assemble what I believe are some of the best trading methods available. These are all in E-book format, which means no expenses for printing or shipping. You get these methods soon after purchasing them. You download them ... no waiting for the book to arrive in the mail.

1) The Ultimate Day Trading Method
Ultimate Day Trading Strategies that Work.

2) The Way to Trade
A breakthrough approach to trading in any market.

3) Rapid Fire Swing Trading
An explosive short term trading strategy.

4) Online Trading For Financial Freedom
Online stock trading, daytrading and short term investing strategy for beginning and experienced traders alike.

5) Swing Trading, A Scientific Approach
A powerful swing trading strategy to keep you one step ahead of the crowd!

6) Trading Secrets Revealed
Trading Veteran Reveals His Closely Guarded Secrets & Explains Why The Professionals Desperately Want To Hide Them From You.


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Thank you. What about books on money management and market psychology . You have recommended derivatives books somewhere else in this forum. Why not hyperlink them all like the ones above. Thanks
These are all ebooks marketed in the style of Jay Abrahams and each one has a click through for commission collecting. I wonder if these are good books are just means to create revenue?

Might I recommend:
Market Wizards Jack Schwager
Technical Analysis - Jack Schwager - Schwager on Futures series
Trade your way to financial freedom - Van Tharp
Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas
Trading for a living and Come into my trading room - Dr. Alexander Elder
New Trading Systems and Method - Perry Kaufman
Trading Systems and Money Manager - Thomas Stridesman
Computer Analysis of the Futures Market - Charles Le Beau
Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators - Robert Colby

At least you can look at these in a shop and make a decision before you buy
Dear Traderji
you have recomended 6 trading strategy e-books.If I could only buy any two books, which best should i choose? I would like one simple and the other exhaustive.Regards
Dear Traderji
I am unable\unauthorized to view some pages and replies.I do not know what replies i have to my query reg. best two books.What is the remedy,Regards


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There is no best two books as it all depends on your trading style. If you are a day trader then select the day trading book, if you are more interested in Swing Trading select the swing trading book. You have to personally find what trading style suits your attitude.
hello Traderji,

Can pls specify the name of authors as it turning out hard to be finding some of these books with titles only on international websites..




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