Recent Stock Split and Bonus Issue updates

I m not sure how many here are actively looking for the updates on Recent Stock Splits and Bonus Issue announcements etc. I found it very informative piece of information, as I can buy a stock on announcement and sell on the record or Ex-date. That was a cumbersum task for me to search for the information on different resources... but I found one page where the information is updated everyday.

Recent Stock Split and Bonus Issue announcements

I hope this help to all of the traders here, happy investing.
Thanks for the post..Is there any site which lists all bonus, rights, stock splits in a form that can be easily viewed in Excel. there is an NSE link which gives this stuff but may not be Infosys bonus and stock splits in 2004 are not a part of this


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I think moneycontrol gives these details. yes. it is available in the home page under corporate notices
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