Realty Stocks would be best buy at this point of time...DB Realty, DLF, Unitech

BSE-Realty has fallen more than 20% in a week's time and this housing loan scandal news drag it down by 12% in a single day...But now the time has come that the market should show some good moves rather than this correction...which it had already shown for the past 8-9 sessions...

P.S: Realty stocks have shed more than 25-40%, so December mid or probably November end is the best time to buy these stocks...because these are available at discount right now...'HEAVY DISCOUNT'

Please do your research before investing

Happy Investing

I always felt that realty valuations were stretched and the business itself is dirty ...

Even if u buy on correction, buy only midcap or small cap ... Large caps saturate in realty and valuations are expensive.

- bse2nse
You are right...but whenever this sector will go up, large caps are going to surge at a higher's a high risk and high return strategy!!!

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