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Please share Nifty 50 (NIFTY) and NiftyBank (BANKNIFTY) 1 min ieod data
Okay sure I will .. but where? I have nifty n banknifty data up to 31st jan 2019 only .. I found on net ... You'll have to first create format thru import wizard. I supose u kno the usual procedure. Here is zip file .. oh itr didnt upload here .. it said it's too large. Perhaps I will have to put on google drive first. Ok i'll do later
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yes, you may upload data on google drive or any file sharing websites like 4shared, wikisend etc etc
Thanks bro
but it seems Sharma ji's data. Right
I dunno abt sharma ji .. but I got it from net and data is good. I can backfill for only 15 days . I still need data to fill the gap. Can you or anybody else pls share the one-minute data of Nifty 50 and Nifty Bank from February 1, 2019 to February 15, 2019? I will be very grateful.
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Hey Guys,

Open "Symbol Infomation" window in AMI. You can use Symbol field and Alias field. Whichever it finds in data feed it will update quotes for the same. There is no need to merge. here I am using "Nifty 50" as Alias and my Symbol name is NSENifty

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Dear Josh, a small obligation, how to back-fill from ODIN?
Earlier i think you have released Hellbound Back-fill utility,it's for Odin back-fill ?
if not,
please Elaborate How to back-fill from Odin...

Happy Trading


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Dear Optionwriter,
I never used ODIN. The utility was developed by taking control of another user's PC long ago. You can download the utility from my Dropbox link given in signature. There is a nice help file with it. It will show you how to take live data from ODIN to Ami and also how to backfill with illustrations.

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