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...continued from earlier posts. Then again July,Aug and Sep this year price has been holding that support line. Just posting my observations. No prediction or anything as such. How the market has a memory and prices keep reacting at certain points.

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Coming back to support turning to resistance. On Wed18th When there was a bounce back with a piercing pattern I marked the Support zone near A.
Then there was a virtual low near B.(virtual low much clearer in 15 min TF.) from there the market zoomed. But the next day when it broke through that zone it acted as resistance C on thursday. Again today twice near D and E it acted as resistance.Market broke through that zone in the afternoon and EOD settled near that zone. Lets see what happens on Monday. Study the breakout candles ,the follow through and retest candles.



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Bottoms of 2003 Nifty from 1000 to 6000.Bottoms of 2008 2750 to 12400.Now 2020 Bottoms of 8000. If we take 5 times. then we are staring at Nifty at 40000 in 5-6 years. Of course if will not be a straight line.
we will have good corrections to buy into. Question is are you in the ride or denying it and waiting for 5000 which will come sooner you decide.

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