ranbaxy upmove?


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Ryan, what's the quantum of pullback you would be looking for ? Some 31/62 % types or something else ?
no i dont like fibo or % level, i just observe volme and conolidation on charts , tom ill be a buyer close to 355-350 area on the open , although 335 will be a dream buy if it comes there even by mistake in the first 30 mins i am loading the boat


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On 12-08-2013 it will certainly go below rs. 350/- atleast once for next some days it will trade between Rs. 330/- to Rs. 400/-
sorry to dissapoint you were ...you trying very hard to get it below 350 today? people who dont understand trend and volume usually write such things


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sure ranbaxy is a buy now but it has gone up in a single candle so it has to correct now....c the daily chart below we have two gud signals to buy for a midterm view, the piercing pattern and the strong bullish pattern after that it has gone up drastically,it has to b bought after piercing pattern with a gud sl so it had satisfied the risk and reward ratio...but its ok it showed gud move after that we r late to enter for this trade so luk to buy at a gud level:thumb::thumb::thumb:


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