Rajshree Sugars

Excellent call TradersEdge,

You have an uncanny ability to pick out the diamonds from the dust.

I must congratulate you on this recommendation, as I am sitting on a profit.

Keep it up!!


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any other stocks worth purchasing or shall i wait for a correction in the market ?? ur expert advice would be appreciated

Want to clarify a doubt; you recommended Nelco. However, 13 day MA has crossed on downside to 3 day MA which would suggest bearishness. Please guide.




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If you are referring to the 3X13=34 moving average system, the 3 MA crossing the 13 MA is a bullish BUY signal and not a bearish signal, so the signal is correct. Please read the article on this trading system again.

However you can further BUY/ADD NELCO on a close above 37.20 with a stoploss at 32.50
Thanks TradersEdge for your call on Rajshree Sugars!

I will keep a watch on the other scripts like:

Dhampur Sugar
Centry Enka
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