Raging Bulls Dealing Diary

I will start posting my trades here, as of now they will be live trades on small quantities. I will also share strategies i have learned till now. All members are welcome for suggestions and healthy criticism.​

Decision Support Tools/Infrastructure

  • EMA 5
  • EMA 20
  • CCI5 & CCI20
  • ATR5 & ATR20
  • Amibroker
  • ValueRT Datafeed (MCX)
  • Authorized Person/Broker - Pro Alpha Investments/(Finvasia)
  • Airtel Broadband 16Mbps (90GB) & 1Mbps (Above 90GB)
  • Daily EMA 5 cross over/cross under Daily EMA 20 determines the long term trend
  • Daily Price Close above/below Daily EMA5 determines the short term trend
  • Daily CCI5 below -100 is oversold & above 100 is overbought
  • Daily CCI20 below -200 is oversold & above 200 is overbought
  • 5 Day ATR> 20 Day ATR is expanding volatility while 5 Day ATR< 20 Day ATR is contracting volatility
  • INR 100,000
Risk Management
  • Portfolio level 1% stop or INR 1000
Money Management
  • 1 Lot Crude Oil Mini Futures
  • 2 Lot Silver Micra Futures
  • INR 20,000 Margin (MCX)
  • INR 80,000 (Reliance Liquid Fund - Treasury Plan)

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GR8. You are a quick learner.
Wish you all Success.
I forgot to mention that there is a time filter i.e. maximum new trade cutoff time 20:00 hours. I will not take new trade post 8pm and only keep a winning trade past 8pm. I don't want to repeat mistake of last time where i was trading at 11pm and majority% were losing trades

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