Quotetracker Bug


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want to use quotetracker without displaying ads?

do the following steps:

1) go to \programfiles\quotetracker
2) delete folder "cache" in \programfiles\quotetracker
3) goto ms-dos prompt
4) goto \programfiles\quotetracker
5) copy con cache. and [enter]
6) [ctrl+Z] [enter]

:p :rolleyes: :eek:
Although , Wht Susheel quotes works fine , but at the cost of
1- You loose historical data ( backfill dont work)
2- The shutdown of QT gets hanged

So be aware to pay Price
Hi Susheel04
What I Use To Avoide The Ads,
Run The Ticker Tape,stretch The Length Of The Tape To Fullest,adjust The Fonts Of Symbol,price,and Changes,
So That Its Height Just Fits In The Space Provided For Ads.
Enjoy Qt Without Ads



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Hi all,
lot of creativety.
i hope all can join and make a program better than QT.
All the best.

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