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Do you consider yourself a right wing conservative, or a liberal? For most, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

Recently, someone sent me a link to this Quiz. Based on a handfull of questions they try to measure where you stand on social and economical issues. Yesterday's US elections indicated a tilt towards right side, whereas earlier this year, our elections showed a move in opposite direction.
I wonder how the folks on this forum would fare on this quiz.

-- Milind


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Relevant post. If you ask me all contentious issues should have a referendum like the Iraq war which was an insult to democracy or the reprentation of people's ordinance against criminalisation of politics which was passed despite President Kalam's dissent.

We are still far from real democracy. Traderji is a true democrat- receptive to suggestions.

As far as India is concerned, there is no right or left side. With our politicians, there is only downside.
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