questions for SMARTtrade users

If you have been using the SMARTtrade platform of IL&FS, this question is for you as I have already emailed them twice and not received any reply.
This platform appears very cool on the website, but I want to know 2-3 things about it.
1. Does it provide backfill? It means if you let's stay turn on your platform at noon, is there any way to get the missing data on charts? do you see the charts with data from 9:55 am? More importantly, does the backfill extend to days, as in do you see intraday data for the last 2-3 days?
2. Do they provide real time data export using DDE?
I know these are high expectations, but I am only expecting them because etrade has a stake in IL&FS and so they should be among the pioneers in better Technical Analysis supporting software.
btw, if anyone else knows of any online broker that allows dde export, please tell me. 5paisa used to, but i think they don't do it now

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