Question about debt fund gains


I recently invested Rs. 65 Lakh in Reliance Dynamic Bond-Growth Plan on 8th April, 2013. I got around 411413.236 units at 15.799 NAV. I checked the NAV today, after like 2 months and the NAV is 16.53 which means the current value of my investment is approx. 68 Lakh.

I want to withdraw the interest and re-invest in this/another fund. I know the interest will be taxable but it's still good enough keeping in mind that after like 12 months these debt funds give 10-12% interest. So here's what I want to ask you guys:

1. If I withdraw the interest amount(roughly 3 lakh) at this time, will it have any negative impact on the principal amount(65 Lakh) in the future? Or will it reduce the gains/interest on principal amount in the future?

2. If this(and some other funds) fund is giving more than 20% return at this time, how does it become less than 15% after 12 months or so? Because that's what most of the bankers/investment managers told me that the average return is 10-12% per annum, not more than 15%.

Looking forward to hear from you :)

P.S. Mods, if this is not the right category for posting this thread, could you please move this thread to the appropriate category? Thanks!

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