Query regarding starting an investment firm in small scale

Hi All,

Please answer this query pertaining to the rules and guidelines of SEBI and govt of INDIA.

Here is the idea and details behind the plan:

I want to start a company which would invest in stock markets with my capital as well as capital from my relatives.
The amount would be small you can say upto 20 lakhs of investment initially.

major things to remeber:

1) I have experience in the market for 5 yrs in both Equities & Derivatives. But no financial degree like MBA or anything.

2) I want to go through a Sub-broker of NSE and not become a member of NSE/BSE .

3) Currently I am a working professional in software firm but would like to stop the job and pursue this option of setting up this company for investing in stock markets.

4) I am doing this so that I can pursue my MBA after 2 yrs and can show this company as a Valid work experience.


1)Can I register a company for this purpose and make the my relatives and friends as clients in my company and invest their money with my capital ?

2) Can I trade through a SUB-BROKER by opening an account with him in the company's name.

3) If there is a possibility for (1) & (2) what are the major requirements to setup a firm of this size, infrastructure is available interms of office space etc, only requirements from PROOFS and Certifications ( NSDL etc)point of view and legalities point of view are to be known for me.

If this company is not feasible could you give me an idea of similar trend where in I can invest money of friends and relatives and show it up as work experience.


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