Query regarding index option arbitrage trading


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--I am planning to start Algorithmic based arbitrage trading in index option and equity option by making calendar-diagonal strategies.
-- I have contacted the broker and he is ready to provide his software for algo trading in options.
-- But he suggested me not to open client ID because I will trade only in option, not in shares, so no need to open client ID/demat a/c.
-- He told me that, I will trade in PRO, which is in company’s own account.
-- But I am worried regarding mine existence, because I have to deposit fund in brokers a/c . if I don't open client ID, then I cannot claim the amount deposited near to broker for arbitrage, and if he cheated me or their can be circumstances that I may get an accident, then how broker will deal with my family. Because I do not have sufficient proof of amount deposited. In other cases, if broker got an accident then how I will deal such scenario.
-- For proof of terms and conditions decided between us, he suggested to sign a dealer agreement in which each and everything will be available in written format.
--He told me that Arbitrage trading is based on algo has no relation with client ID. If I open a client ID, then I cannot trade in option arbitrage based on algo software.
-- So please suggest me suitable advice on this asap.

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