Quantum Equity Fund of Funds

Fund of Fund is a nice way to invest in Mutual Funds, especially for those, who wants to invest in Top schemes, but find it difficult to put their investments in all top performing funds. QEFoF is a solution for those investors.Quantum Equity Fund of Funds (QEFOF*) is a Fund Of Funds which invests your money in the best equity mutual funds. Managed by Quantum Mutual Fund and powered by research from PersonalFN, Mutual Fund Research House, QEFOF provides you the perfect opportunity to grow your wealth through hassle free investments in stock markets through equity mutual funds.

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Investing in QEFoF
I'd avoid it purely b'coz they would charge an expense of 0.75% over and above the underlying scheme.

I can directly invest in the top schemes. Plus their definition of TOP scheme may not be really a top scheme. what exactly are Magnum Multiplier and HSBC Equity doing in this FOF? Both are avoidable.

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