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The Metastock IEOD format is below & ouput as txt file
Ticker yyyymmdd hh:mm:ss open,high,low,close,volume, open interest
BANKNIFTY-I 20181130, 144200, 26947, 26955, 26946.95 , 26952.55, 12120, 0
BANKNIFTY-I 20181130, 144100, 26941.15, 26971.7, 26941.15, 26950.05, 37820, 0
BANKNIFTY-I 20181130, 144000, 26907, 26944.45, 26905.75, 26944.45, 21580, 0
BANKNIFTY-I 20181130, 143900, 26906.55, 26912.9, 26901.55, 26907, 5660, 0

Ticker yyyymmdd open,high,low,close,volume, open interest
ALUMINI-I, 20181126,136.75,137.45,136.05,137.3,8785
ALUMINIUM-I, 20181126,136.65,137.45,136,137.3,4206
CARDAMOM-I, 20181126,1490,1519.9,1490,1512.7,50



Hey, thanks optionwriter :)


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- is it possible, to convert ( library? ) into a rtd tool/utility based on python

- "But these do not give IEOD backfill!!!"
but do we get data (downloaded) in txt or csv format, like pydownloader
Yes to both

But rather than relying upon my informed inferences :) it would be better to query the developers, to whom the intellectual properties quoted in post #14 belong

- Swapnil is a member of TJ

- VS Jha has got a nsetools forum going on google groups (info on github page)

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All Right......

Since all concerned are in apparent agreement regarding the MetaStock compatible output format .....

Link is attached for PyD_v1.1 Setup

Output is in the form of txt files with Date Time in MS format and a Ticker column in addition!!!

The format would be as per the example(s) in post #18 with the exception that -

- There's no OI column as Yahoo doesn't provide that info intraday

- The utility essentially being a basic downloader for quick backfills during market hours (in conjunction with RTD) or IEOD for those who missed out being in front of the terminal for the day(s) - there's (obviously) no feature for downloading EOD data (lest you get misled by the posted EOD format in post #18)!!!

Amibroker users desirous of using this, for deriving psychological comfort from the 'extra' Ticker column, would be required to place the attendant PyD_1.1.format file in the Amibroker Formats Folder for ASCII Import!!!

The download speed would tend to be a tad (somewhat) slower in comparison ..... but then, you have already been warned ........ and all that Jazz!!! :)

C'est La Vie!!!



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Thank u dear Rmike,
so if any one used only amibroker then old pyd is enough,
if need metastock also then reinstall the pyd v1.1 .is it right?

mike bro
website (link) not opening.
please reload zipped exe file to 4shared or wikisend or any other file sharing website.


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so if any one used only amibroker then old pyd is enough, if need metastock also then reinstall the pyd v1.1 .is it right?
An Amibroker user can use either version (v1.0 or v1.1) as per choice and/ or comfort factor
MetaStock users ought to/ can only use v1.1
Hence if using MS and Ami both, then go for v1.1
Could be a temporary phenomena as the link is working OK at my end
But always better to have an alternate download source, in addition :)
Link 2 attached (valid for 21 days)
Many thanks, Mike bro :)
Its perfect
These too can be used as per requirement, primarily meant for RT and EOD data. You'll need to have Python environment installed on your rig!

The RT data will be near realtime. Some amount of lag is to be (obviously) expected due to query-parse-configure-transport-write to file/ feed platform-rinse n repeat process (with some time for 'sleep' so as not to be mistaken for a DDoS attack :) or to inadvertently raise the hackles of the NSE webserver). The data bandwidth & total data consumption too will be higher. But these do not give IEOD backfill!!!

Probably good for people who can't get TB/ Josh's RTD going on their rig. Presently that is the best bet for cheap :) RT data in all respects!!! The only proper alternate(s) to that are the authorized feeds!!!

For EOD, Josh's ABCD & Hemen's GBC are the best there is for the purpose!!! #respect!!!
Thanks for the information @rmike. am in need of historical IEOD data, dint quite understood some words you used like "TB/ Josh's RTD" "Josh's ABCD & Hemen's GBC". can you please suggest what might be the best free source for getting IEOD stocks data for last 5-6 years? need that for backtesting purpose in python.


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