put call ratio

i am totally new to market

and just trying to learn the basics

my query relates to the PCR value

on 5 sep premarket view on cnbc awaaz pcr is 1.26 for 4 sep
(plz see attached image)
WHERE TO GET THIS FIGURE ? plz give any link if available
plz guide it will be very helpful to me



however the value on nse site and as shown on channel r different
1.15 /1.26
if you can guide me regarding this

the difference is due to ...calculating current series ...or something else

if someone can give the ....details of the 1.26 figure it would really help much

waiting for response
thanks for the reply sir

however my original query remains unanswered

its not regarding how to calculate pcr rather
how does cnbc arrives at their number ?

i am sorry if its become a too technical point /or annoying

however you see some irritating students in every class i am like them:D

i am sure as they show it on tv they must be having some basis for it

i have taken note of the option chain page and excel sheet link

however they lead to different calculation /result from these do not match cnbc awwaz morning pcr as i calculated using this eod and checking on morning show next day

hoping some senior member can answer this
Don't get bonded to the actual numbers, rather see the trend on the pcr. Absolute PCR means not much, rather its only an indication.

I am also not much of a technician on this area, but those with good experience can comment.

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