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Volatility in Nifty is coming down ,in other words Consolidation is taking place.

Have a look at Standard deviation. Standard deviation is always a positive quantity.
It is coming down since march in this fashion 455-261-200-128-100-88.

In absence of any drastic international or national event ,we will not see a huge up/down movement.
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Sept-20 series

Nifty moved -38 points per day in this series.
Nifty has lost as much as -750 points in this series and last weekly expiry has contributed as much as -710 ,that was the loss in this week.
The maximum close was on the first day of the series and minimum close was last day of the series.

Check the above table's last row. The average loss was rather bad and again std.dev (Volatility) is expanding.
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NOV.20 series

clear consolidation was seen in 3 and 4 weeks.

During this series Nifty gained 66 points per day.


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Nifty during JAN-21

Average Nifty return in this series -11 points per day. It was -86 per day in last 2 weekly expirys on average.That was the fall !!!
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