Punj Lloyd IPO

Hi experts,

What do you make of the IPO of Punj Lloyd issue?

From a valuations perspective , it seems a bit stretched compared to its peers like L&T, HCC but they have very long relationship with clients in India and overseas. The added advantage I got to know was Rakesh Jhunjunwala has a stake in the company.

Please advise.

Yesterday I had a chat with a partner in a broking firm who advised me to go for Punj Lyod vis a vis Tulip as he said it's a second L&T.The only downside was that allotments will be minimal.
Hii all
Punj Llyod IPO looks good and is definitely a apply.However would like to know what could be the listing price expected since i want to buy on listing with a long term view of 1 year.
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