ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

No discount broker in that list ...:eek::eek:
This is not correct. There are discount broker in the list. Additionally since lot of Stock broker are loosing business so they are moving prop to their group companies or associates and opening that account as client.

There is saying " Once a Trader Always a Trader " . A Trader can give away Trading only and only if he losses money Big time.
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you seem to be very critical of 'other broker's' practises. what you are saying applies to you as well.

I hope Prostock is not following the similar route :DD
Not at all. We never Traded and will never Trade. We will remain fully focused for Clientele Business. I was told 25 years before either Prop or Client Business, not both. We will follow.
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wait for the next official communication which would say "cancel"
This time there will be full clarity. One thing is very clear that if Intra-day leverage is allowed, it will be allowed from Stock Brokers own funds and use of one client's funds for another would not be permitted. From 1st April 2020, Stock Broker has to upload every days ledger balance of each client and shares with ISIN to exchanges on weekly basis. Presently Stock Broker has to report end of the month balance. From this Exchange would come to know how much was collateral of each client for each day and how much was margin used against that. Many things are changing to make client safer and reduce misuse by Stock Broker.
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i am interested to open a account with you.

Just one clarification:-

If i want to buy 1 lot SBIN (3000 qty @315) for trading F&O Intraday (Same day closing).. how much money needed in trading account.. (& also pls tell the amount for 1 lot TATAMOTORS --- 4200 qty @ 170)

Thanks in advance

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