profitous . in (any one done his course


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I attend one seminar of profitous .in mr. Malleesh Buudugu
his fees is rs.25000/-
location is in andheri
I want to know If anybody done his course
is it worth to do his course
i agree freinds but
i done some self learing from inernet which give me basic idea of technicals charts option calculation
But we need on proper or professional setup which we can't build ouself
i think by self learning we can't become master or professional
we need one mentor who will teach very well

So Please all friends let me know
Who can teach and guide me about share market in Mumbai
if you are so adamant to do the course then go and join it, who is stopping you. may be useful for you
but why I have a feel that you are more interested in advertising for the course than joining it.


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No one can teach you anything in a day or two in a closed door...

Did you think...making money in the market is that much easy ?

You need minimum 3 to 4 years, to make money with consistency in this market...with proper guidance in regular basis....(Not in a day or two)..

Instead wasting your money.....go thru the learning process and understand..

Total waste of Money...

People may claim...I am doing scalping and intraday and bla bla....but, reality.....picture may be different...

Think and Act.......

Friendly opinion....
thankss to all of you
i decided not to go for that course
i know some technicals but still not get profitable traders
please send some useful links to me for study


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