PROFIT - The new business channel from NDTV

PROFIT - The new business channel from NDTV

Last night I was surfing the TV Channels when I came across "PROFIT" - the new business channel from NDTV.

I found the content too much political rather than business oriented. (That is what NDTV is good at). The name "Profit" for a business news channel does not sound too serious and rather pseudo. I am going to watch it again today to see how they cover the markets during the day.

Anybody else watching this channel.
Just saw it. Ashu Dutt who was with CNBC is the anchor at PROFIT.

Also CNBC has launced a new Hindi channel called "AWAAZ" for the Hindhi speaking masses.
TATrader & Andy, you are both abs right. NDTV is better off sticking to it's politically inclined programmes. I do watch NDTV all day, but only for the news & weekly stuff like "Big Fight", "We the people" etc... Their Market coverage was totally sorry (my opinion) before & their "2:30 Factor" was sorrier. Will keep an eye on "PROFIT" for a few more days to see how (like the Singaporeans say). CNBC is just fine & I'm glad to hear about their new Hindi channel too. I may add here that I do keep an eye once in a way on the NDTV ticker though. It is far more visible & readable than the rest.
The NDTV business channel is pretty pathetic and most of the news is not business related. CNBC is the best ,though their analysts dont get it right like traderji and many other members of this forum do :D !!
I think in 6-9 months they will catch up with the likes of CNBC!

However it is always good to have two opinions to watch on TV!
A personal opinion. Try and learn from each other but form ur own opinion of the market. Avoid the channels during market hours and if u can always :D
good luck
chennamsetty said:
profit will make cnbc more perfect
Right you are chennamsetty. Keep looking at CNBC but with an eye on PROFIT too. Maybe, just maybe they will catch up someday. But just how i would'nt hazard a guess right now. :confused:
Launched on the 17th of this month & I feel this channel is picking up now. At this rate it should close the gap with CNBC. I for one would feel proud that we have our very own finance channel doing OK, albeit progressively. Their Hindi version is OK too.

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