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Hi Friends,

Happened to find one more discount broker offering flat brokerage Equity/Commodity for unlimited trading @1000 rs.

Members pls share your experiences with them if you have already account with them.

I have asked them to visit Traderji to explain their plans for the benefit of our members.

Note:- I don't have any affiliation with them nor I don't have an account with them.


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anyone using their services? they have equities

Pay a fixed brokerage of Rs.1000/- per months and do unlimited trades and unlimited volumes.
This scheme is for professional high-volume traders who otherwise have to shell out brokerage on volumes or number of trades.


Pay Rs. 10/- per trade, unlimited volumes.
This scheme is for the discerning investor who wants to save as much on brokerage so that he could maximize his profits.
Hi to all...

Yes really they are providing a lowest brokerage with no hidden charges...
Without confusion of brokerage calculation and hidden charges, we can trade..
fixed monthly monthly brokerage of Rs.1000/month or Rs.10 per execution..

Enjoy Trading..
Does any one holding account with Procon? Please share your real-time experience. i am from Chennai. They also provide service from Chennai.
Also need to clarify their Transaction charges or other hidden charges.
i called them today. For the next 30 mins i was given this num and that num to call:(. to ask about account and everything
They did not even knew what is the meaning of margin or exposure.
Poor customer support.
This shows it is meaningless to search for the most cheapest broker which will inturn give the most poorest service. So beware to get struck with them. i just applied for RKSV account. Hope i made the right decision.
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I think all the brokers who are running threads here and are replying are gud.
Rest all who appear in the list of discount brokers , i have talked to all of them.
Achiievers have a thread here but disgusting customer support.
i asked what are the transaction and other charges and they replied we don't have a file of that,its duty of the client to calculate it:lol:
The customer executive ppl who are sitting in procon,achievers,SAS, iwas not impressed at all with them.

Alice blue is ok .They are providing one plan of .005% brokerage where the intraday exposure of nse and mcx is 5 times .
Nse carry fwd is full margin but for commodities they say they will give 2 times margin for carry fwd.(Don't know how ??)I was told this
So one can trade with less margin but has to give a little bit more in brokerage.
Their transaction and other charges are also competitive and provide a single ledger balance, means u can deposit money in nse and trade in mcx .

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