problem with my yahoo mail

Dear All,

i am having problem with my yahoo mail. when i open my mail after entering password, it goes to inbox and it gives following error as

A Run time Error has occured.
Do you wish to debug
Line: 306 or 286
Error:unterminated string constant
yes or no

When i say yes or no, it gives another problems as

A Run time Error has occured.
Do you wish to debug
Error'Yad_width' is undefined.

Because of this, i am not able to read my mail. how to solve this problems? any idea.

please reply.

Dear Traderji & yara,

thanks for your valuable information. now that small is not coming at all after installing/mark as per your advice.

But i have the same problem in different mode. Now when the pages opens after password,on below of the left side, one small icon comes and says, there is some probelm opening in your web page. This message coming where it normally says " page is found or waiting for reply.

how to solve this probs? please help.

Traderji is right but at last resort try below,
Go to tools>Internet Options>programs>reset web setting<click this,
hit apply>ok,
again go to tools>Internet Options>advanced>restore defaults.
If both above fail,try to ping your host and trace route with proper command.We need to know what type of connection you are using,looks like a dial up to me.Keep updating your IE with latest patches which is a must nowadays.All the best.
Dear Traderji & yara,

I have done as per your advice. But still that problem coming. I am using DSL connection of Airtel(touchtel).

it says as
"roblems with this web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or funtioning properly"

how to solve this? please help.


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