problem in trading terminal


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anybody face terminal freeze in Power Inda Bulls terminal around 2pm.

I am using ver

how about the updated one 5.3

with cheers,


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after updating pib to 5.3

same problem

trading terminal time

system time

out of synch

broadband is oky, trading terminal connected but the problem exists
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It seems none using PIB.

If the problem persists may be I need to change the broker :) .


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today 21 aug 2013

from 9.15 am to 11 am PIB trading terminal worked smoothly after 11am

not able to connect to the terminal :confused:

there seems no problem from my end.

is it any congestion in pib network. ????

so one should have alternate terminal always.

now the question is how should I choose --- the new broker--
based on the reliability of the broker or reliability of the trading terminal .


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Same happened to me also.
From 12 noon I am unable to log in ,
even in their web base site also.
RM says no problem.
Don't know what to do ,
same thing happening yesterday also
I am on 5.3 latest version of PIB.


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actually problem with their end when I called indiabulls assistance they said they are rectifying the problem.

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