Problem in downloading EOD data from Google Finance with Amiquote

Dear Kaydee

It is very simple. Get Licensed version of Amibroker & Amiquote 3.04. Select Google Intraday as source, Interval (Intraday) 5Min, and select days upto 60.
I have the same problem. I'm trying to download data for s&p500 and dax and i can do it for 5min intra ,but i can't download EOD.
ticker symbols i use: INDEXSP:.INX and INDEXDB: DAX
This is not possible (to download historical data from Google Finance). I saw following statements on Amibroker site, while searching for the same issue.

"Google Finance page does NOT allow downloading historical data for non-US (international) symbols and some indices."

Really need reliable data feed for NSE Cash. Even though I am using bhavcopy for EOD database, its very tedious process to download Intraday data from NEST for so many scrips. I would like to have both EOD and Intraday data for CASH in the same database. Please suggest.

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