Problem in algo

Dear all s

I have 2 problem in algo

1)my system generates order after candle completion but in real my system generates order only when it is 2nd order
not immediate after candle complete

2)as my system generates order after candle completion....
as signal generates on last candle of the day we have to wait for next day opening to order and trade

are you all experts have any solution for this?


1) I'm not sure what is the problem. Could you elaborate?

2) I use my own Python code to generate trades. I run my trade generator 10 minutes before the market closes and I assume the last traded price as closing price for analysis. I backtested this and it works fine.
Just keep a watchlist of stocks where there has been some news or unusual activity which could cause wide swings in the last few minutes and don't run your strategy on those.
The tradeoff is between running it further from the close, which means your price is now inaccurate, vs running it too close to the closing time, which means you may not get filled entirely if it is a large position.

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