Price trigger based trading / automated trading


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Dear Friends,

I seek a small suggestion/guidance from you, about Trading on NSE.

Do you know/think any way for some sort of priced based trading (you might call it automated trading too)? Let me make my query more clear,

Suppose if nifty is trading it 7550 level

Can I set a command through any software (supported by NSE) if Nifty reaches a certain level, say 7650, then SBI or RIL or any other scrip which I set, could be bought or sold at CMP (or any price set by me, I understand in case of pre-determined price by me, my trade could remain un-execueted too).

If you know, please reply and guide me.

If such software is available on subscription basis (if affordable), I can pay the price for same too!

Thanks in advance
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