Price Comparision of Metastock9.1

Where to buy Metastock9.1

I am eager to buy Metastock9.1EOD so I have searched various websites and I found following results ;

1. - 499USD
2. - 419USD + 50USD shipping
3. - 449 USD + 45USD shipping

If we consider 1USD=45Rs. , than it comes to Rs.21105 to Rs.22455.

Whereas is charging Rs.27000 in india.

Has anybody has purchased metastock from website and what is their opinion ? Whether one has to purchase from Indian reseller or from directly from website.

If one purchase from website than any other complication like RBI, IT ,etc. will involve in future ?

Can any one provide authentic guidance ?

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Buying it directly from using your internation credit card would be a better option as you can then easily upgrade it as and when new versions become available.

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