Price Bands by SEBI - fm Oct 1, 2015

SEBI has introduced additional periodic price bands, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. The details as shown in bse website below :
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That means, for many of these scrips, SEBI has decided the maximum and minimum trading price within the year, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily!

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Rightly said.
It appears that the whole thing is ill conceived and this will disprove that the markets decide the price of the scrip!
The price bands are also decided based on the calendar dates.
For example, if there is company having 5% daily price band limit, and the closing price is Rs.10 on the last trade of the year, then for the entire next year, it can only trade between Rs.5 and Rs.20. Even if the company makes 10 times the prev. years profit! Of course, a little change permitted from the index, but that of course, is of no consequence to the company's performance.
If the company makes exceptional performance, it has to trade only at Rs.20 or below for the entire next year, in spite of their exceptional performance that it deserves to trade at Rs.100, let us say. That will mean no seller will be there, affecting liquidity.