price action & chart reading: learning resources


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Hi Friends
I have started this thread for a new price action trader like me,who want to learn Only price action & chart reading skills for trading.
Here in Traderji ,some brilliant threads about price action.We can learn a lot from there.
This thread is for newbies who wants to learn but dont know how to & where to start...what should be learning resources etc etc ..all toothing problems related to price action...
so anybody can suggest books,articles & websites etc any learning material ( only about price action & chart reading-pure price action i.e people take trading decision only on price chart without any indicator) ...
Senior Price action traders are also invited to give advice that how to start learning price to start ? ...all useful information which helps beginners to start price action trading & guide about learning resources,price action trading & whatever u think is important for price action trader...
I request to all seniors,Kindlly send at least one article written by you about your experience about price action trading..if we can get atleast 50 article from 50 senior trader...we newbie get an encyclopedia of knowledge of price please share ur experience & knowledge...

Novice price action trader can also ask any query related to price action trading Learning..


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we will not discuss individiual trades here ( except if it comes as example only)...because in Traderji there are so many brilliant thread about price action trading..
this thread is the step before trading..i.e all steps of learning curve but not trading...
so this thread can be a learning resource for beginners who want to learn before trading..
I am also beginner like I may not be the right person to I am inviting all seniors traders....ya but beginners who are also learning can share good resources about price action learning...

So, as a beginner I have been trying to learn Price action...I have researched a little about learning resources ...

Strat with traderji's thread about price action trading & chart reading ..There are so many good threads about price action ST da,saint ,avni, trivediji, hik 's thread where you can get brilliant idea about price action trading ...please suggest some more i have mentioned only those threads which i Follow...

Now some books
Japanese Candlestick charting technique- Steve Nison
YTC price action course by lance beggs..

for site you can check sites of lance beggs & nial fuller..those sites have informative articles about price action,MM & psychology...

those are in simple language & easy to understand...

In advance stage of learning, you can try
Price action reading -Bar by bar-Al brooks..its a gem but you need prior understanding of price action & its language is not so easy have to read it again & again to comprehend it....


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Read suri duddella trade chart patterns like the pros, no bakwaas book. I'm learning from it too.

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