Predictions based on Technical Analysis

Hi Fellow Traders,

I joined this site a while back and I must appreciate traderji for this great effort. Three cheers for traderji.

Since I have joined this site, I was trying to find details about the Sites/Technical Analysts/Newsletters/People who have a good success ratio for predictions based on the technical analysis. But I was not able to find all this info in one thread or at one place.

For example, provides some predictions based on TA via newsletters (not free). However, I am not sure about their success ratio.

So friends, I am starting this thread so that all of us could share our experiences with Sites/Technical Analysts/Newsletters/People who have good/bad predictions, success ratio, etc :)



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While most newsletter publishers use Technical Analysis as a part of their analysis process their objectives would differ.

What you are trying to do here is to compare apples with oranges. If a particular newsletter were to give great results to an individual "A" it will not however generate the same results for another individual "B".

If you are serious about using a newsletter service then I would suggest you to try the different newsletter service providers and then stick to the one that best suits your temperament and trading style.


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newsletters r like a tree & predictions like a shadow. The shadow is what v think of it; the tree is the real thing. ;)

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