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Discontinued! - Power Indiabulls Trade Calculator

Dear Friends,

Here is a little utility I developed and use very often to get a picture of what my position is at the day end. Thought I'd share it with you all.

Good Luck Folks !

P.S.: You'd have to enable macros to get it running. I assure you that no malicious code exists in it and its absolutely virus free.

Might also work with the web based version. Please feel free to post any issues or comments on this thread.

This utility is now Updated to show total buy quantity, total sell quantity and brokerage amount. I strongly advice every Power Indiabulls user to note their brokerage and net P/L amounts at EOD and compare it with the contract note the next day. This way one can keep a check on their account and also know how much brokerage and total trade value you have paid.
The current values are set for 3 paise brokerage. i.e. 0.03% You can get your other costs (service charge, transaction tax, etc.) ratio's by dividing total traded value shown in the contract note by the respective deduction value and multiplied by 100. The resultant percentage value to be updated in the respective column of the calculator utility. Your brokerage you can know from your Relationship manager. Remember to click the save button in excel after updating these values as prompts have been disabled in the program.

Service Tax is now calculated on specified percentage of Total brokerage.

Non Traderji.com members can download the calculator from the following link
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I checked the csv file just now. Are you sure you are exporting it from power india bulls offline softwarer and not from the web based applet version? If its from the web based version, give me a few minutes, i'll just modify the code to work with that as well.


The code has been updated to work with your export file. Let me know if its good enough ;-)

Also let me know what version of PIB you use. Get that piece of info from Help menu -> About. I'm using version 3.17

great work . The software is working fine with me. This is some tool i have been searching for a long time. Anyway thanks for your time. I am using 3.18 version of indiabulls

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