Posting of email addresses in thread/posts have been banned with immediate effect

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Posting of email addresses in thread or posts have been banned with immediate effect.

In a study of our recent server logs we discovered that at a single given time we had over 18 email address harvesters (a software/script) scanning for email addresses. These email harvesters put a severe load on our servers which in turn slows down the forum.

Since this forum is for discussions and not a place to share email addresses I sincerely request all forum members to stop posting email addresses with immediate effect. Any member requesting other members for email addresses or any member posting any email address will be BANNED immediately.
It is a very gooddecision. The forum should not be used for exchanging Email address. In the meanwhile I will tell you that the site is very slow (still) and you should do something to speed up so that the boarders dont have to spend avoidable time in search. I enjoy being with Traderji
Immediately after posting my view on the speed of the site I started surffing and found that the speed has really gone up, CONGRATS May be as you said, the harvestors were the cause of the agony for the boarders
Well .. Its a good move but that thread shouldnt've been locked .. You couldve deleted the offending posts and let the thread remain running with a warning like you've posted. Most people here are novice and they dont know much about bots so they posted their email address just like that ...
Anyway .. Looking forward to happy trading ..
HELLO Traderji
Sorry for al of that i dont hav idea that kind kind of problem will occure . So i m sorry for that. If u can do u can send that all of link in my e-mail address.

Thakn you.
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