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I am holding ITC Dec F bot @193/10. Please advise whether it can move up Monday or coming wek. If not, what should be my strategy to book minimum profit or exit with minimum loss. I presume it has resistance @190-194-199 and support @185-181-175. Please confirm your views and suggest a way out.
I hope you may have heard of "mtz polyfilms" . I bought this stock due to a tip of one broker who said that Reliance has shown an interest in this company . My average price is Rs.3.19 and recently it has shown good volume also .
Would you advise to hold it until some actual news comes , or treat it as a rumor and exit the scrip once the upper circuit stops.
The losses are coming down as per the first two quarterly results - Rs.3 Crs upto Sept '07 as against Rs.19 Crs. for the whole year 2006-07 . Do you feel it would be better to wait for the 3rd quarter results ( may be a turnaround ) before taking any decision ?
Hi Shyam

I have about 100 shares of Powergrid bought for 141 (50) and 155 (50) respectively. What are the Swing trading (short term) and Long terms prospects of this scrip?

Also, how should I be viewing this scrip anyways? Short term or Long term? Or is there no such thing and that it depends on how long I wanna hold on?

Thanks in advance

P.S: Also, I have this idea of goin' wid small profits and Swing trading based on solid fundamentals ......i.e. bookin' profits whilst its still good and exit than waiting for the peak ..... is this sumwat better than thinkin long term ? or should I have a much more diversified Portfolio?
hi, I have joined the forum to learn more and share the views on equity trading

I come up with the query regarding the short term target on WWIL. I Have share @ 99.70
Hi every one ...

please let me know .. to hold r to sell Noida Toll Weight Bridges ..
where i purchased @60 200 shares .. presently it is trading @57 ..

while it raise in these 1 month r not ..

what is ur suggestion on this ..

Bala Kishore Bheema
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