Positive N be practical

Hi 2 all,

was goin through this section wanna add few things.

Its said, too much fun spoil the game and too much questioning spoils the very solution. Because wat we get in the end is confusion.
Lets be practical.........It doesn't matter with whom u trade

wat matters is your money is it in the right hand or not.....brokerage is some around equal in all brokerage houses they cut some from here and add some there...wat a person can do is this......

take two brokers for day trading and for long term investing... divide your money holdings with one broker whom u thing is safe in the long run and daytrading with the guys whom u thing is right to deal for short period....

Its easy.....always have faith in your reading and decesions because sometimes its ur own brain which comes handy but if you take a practical way..........

Rest is all fine.......

Happy trades.......:)
Hi Value_trades,

I think you have hit the right point cause I also go the same way I also maintain two accounts one for my medium to long term investment and other for day trading which i do twice or thrice in a week. It makes lot of thing easy for me.

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