Positive Directional Movement


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Positive Directional Movement Formula

100*Wilders(If(H>Ref(H,-1) AND L>=Ref(L,-1), H-Ref(H,-1),If(H >Ref(H,-1) AND L<Ref(L,-1)
AND H-Ref(H,-1)> Ref(L,-1)-L, H-Ref(H,-1),0)),14)/ATR(14)
sramrutia ,if some one got such formula then no one likes to disclose it and the fact is there is no such holy grail all u need is design a trading system which suits ur personality and follow it with good money management then u might have a chance to win consistently


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sramrutia said:
any body has formula to buy stock at eod and it rise or shoot up in maximum 5 days,
hi,sramrutia.......it is not an easy task.....had it been so easy all analysts would be minting money....still u may try DEEL MOMENTUM explo. in METASTOCK...... AS A THUMB RULE as long as DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MOVING AVERAGE AND CLOSE IS not on higher side(WITH COMPARED TO PREVIOUS DATA) _shares in the list may (REPEAT MAY)rise .and if ur choice is right(APPLY LITTEL TA) it has potential to find place in top gainers of the day provided over all market sentiment is also upward.....these shares rise for short period only ,....then fall sharply.....TO GET THE HANG OF IT U MUST VISIT WEBSITE OF ROBERT DEEL. they conduct seminars on net. enroll and get further clarifications/guidance regarding application of this explo.....get hold of good TA BOOK TO GET THE HANG OF the subject ....if ur not experienced trader know "ifs" and "buts" then only start trading... IF POSSIBLE ASK A TRADER WITH GOOD TRACK RECORD TO GUIDE U
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there are a number of steps involved to calculate the +DI14, -DI14, DX, ADX and ADXR values as found in Welles Wilder's book "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems".

I've tried applying the formulas found online - all proved to be lacking in explanation and details. So I bought the book.

There is a good charting website that shows the +DI & -DI lines and you can use them as a stock trending signal. The URL is http://www.stockcharts.com.

There is also a website that does the calculations for you and shows you the actual +DI14, -DI14, ADX & ADXR numbers. The URL is http://www.dmtrend.com.



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