Polaris & Infotech Enterprise

Hi Everyone,

Plz present your views on the above set of stocks. The second line IT stocks have not really participated in the IT stock rally(am i wrong ???? :cool: ). So do these stocks hold any potential in the mid term???

Traderji and guys who can analyse technicals... plz provide your comments in that direction.

And if any one can provide information on the fundamental and growth prospects of these companies plz do so.

As far as I have understood, the weaking of $ (which may hit the profit margin) has little impact on the profitability of the IT companies in the near future as they seem to have hedged $ positions to be curb the impact.

I have been hearing few analysts and broker talking abt the above mentioned stocks in the past few weeks.

Worth buying ?????? :)


Super Moderator
Infotech Enterprise is the stronger one amongst the two. After its May 2004 bottom of 81.00, it has appreciated to 200.00. Look to BUY this stock once it starts an uptrend after a correction.

Polaris is the weaker of the two and has been moving sideways. BUY only on a close above 170.00

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