PNB - Chances of allotment !!!

Hi Guys,


My very first posting.

I am a novice with very litle knowledge/money.

Have applied for 100 shares @ 380 with "cut- off".

Issue closes on 11th. Generally how long do they take to allot/refund? How many shares I might get alloted? :D

Would appreciate seniors of this forum/market giving some feed back.

Thanks in advance

I have applied for 120 shares for PNB. Anybody can tell me the chance of allotment, as 35% is reserved for retailer.
Based on my past experience your chances for allotment will be good as a retail investor.

Thanks TATrader for the reply.

Appreciate it.

Could you tell me for this kinda public issue, when can one expect allotment announcements/refund - rough time frame.

Thanks again....Kagops

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