Plz help me in FCharts

In amibroker, By importing IEOD data, we can see the intraday chart (1 min.,5 min,15 min.,30 min,60 min etc.) as well as daily, weekly, monthly etc. time interval. Is there any option to do this in FChart Pro......
Check out the drop-down boxes along the right hand end of the top line. They're all there.

While you're at it, do likewise for every other box/button.
U r right sir, But when i import EOD data into fchart, i can't see 5 min, 15 min or 30 min data. this is not my problem. when i import IEOD data, i can't see daily or weekly chart. when i select daily bars in right side upper column after importing IEOD data, there is an error message "There are no End Of Day prices for the ticker". I want solution for this problem.
I took IEOD to mean EOD !

What is IEOD? Is it Metastock, ASCII format, or other?

Check your Data folder (or wherever you have the downloaded and/or imported data as well for both location and format.
EOD means End of the day data & IEOD means Intraday data or 1 min. tick data.
OK. Just the IEOD well could be better labelled as somehing else - like LID for 'Last Intraday Data'? (EOD is usually taken to be 'at Close'.)

Now that is sorted out, answers to the other questions I asked?
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I have EOD & intraday data in text format. Both Data i used separately in fchart. It works fine. But my problem is when i create my database in fchart with the intraday datas, i can see the charts in various time intervals such as 1min,5 min,10 min, 15 min, 30 min & 60 min. But i can't see that chart in daily or weekly interval.
In amibroker, by importing intraday data we can see the chart in various time interval (min.) as well as daily weekly & monthly interval.
OK! It helps when I get a post I can understand.

On the time frame drop own box, there is an 'End of Day' option. You will need to get the data as an EOD import.

I'm not sure that the 'Update EOD Charts' on the intraday form works. FCharts2 (when it arrives - now being tested for trading by the program writer) should fix that.

Those with FChartsPro (1) will be able to download the latest version for free.

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