Please help me to find historical data.

You can also go for this software to download EOD for NSE.
Open source software and very light on system.
Thanks Rohit, the s/w is brilliant, not only does it download, it also automatically compiles EQ and Fut data in a single 'bhavcopy'. Very nice.

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I just saw the "About", its made by you. :)
Excellent work, ive been looking for something like this. Ive had my own Excel Procedure that strips indivisual CSV downloads for indexes then mergest them with bhavcopy then consolidates it... but thats Painful.

Hats off, very good work and a zillion thanks for sharing.
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Hi Romeo,

Thanks a million for your feedback !!!!!!

You can request more features if you want and if possible I will try my level best to incorporate that and release a new version within the same week.

Already a new version is into development, details of which are already posted on the site(Updated last night only.... :D)

Please distribute the link if you really like it

You can also contact me in the following way

Through :

1. Support

2. Forums

3. Support Requests

4. Feature Requests

you can also download the code if you want ;)

I would also like to thank Tradeji for building the forum so that end users could reach me... Many Thanks Tradeji You Rock.... :clap:
i want tick data of nifty stocks for 6 months. can any body tell from where i cant get it. and wht will be the price of it.

and also can anybody help me in getting 5 min data.


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No need for downloads, favours, payments,etc. Any nse indices data is available frm 1997. Go to click on d indices showing 2days close. Den click on daily values.fil in d dates...finish.

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