Please guide me for Option Neutral Delta Stratergies

Please help me somebody told me to take a neutral delta and all other stratergy training from one person for 8 hours online paying 10000 and also he suggest me to get option stratergy software from smart finance @10500 and he is doing option trading from alst 3 month on a investment of 1 lakh only and getting retrurn 3000-5000 per month so please suggest me should i also start this system it is ok with me 3-4% return on safe investment
Pl help me and suggest me


I can not comment on the utility of some software.
To understand the delta neutral strategy, understand delta first.
Delta is the % of 1 by which a call will increase its value and put will decrease its value if the stock is moved up by Rs 1. mostly at the money (ATM) call has +0.50 delta and put has -0.50. so if there is increase of Rs 1 in stock price, the call will increase its value by Rs 0.50 and put will decrease by Rs 0.50 there by there is no loss no profit . Hence its a delta neutral.long staddle comes in this category.
Please remember trading options is not so simplistic as when call strike becomes in the money ( ITM),put option will become out of money (OTM).and then original delta neutral position will not remain neutral.
For the benefit of the members, I may add that this is the most popular method ( staddle) but unfortunately the worst, as you are sure to loose money.
This is to be taken very rarely under very specific situations.
Can anyone of you share the stratergy best for options trading in indian markets? I wish to trade only in non-directional option stratergy for banknifty and nifty.If you have please share the link or material

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