Please fuide me for Option Neutral Delta Stratergies

Hi can any body helps me one of my cousin is asking me to take training for options stratergies from somebody from banglore online and he paid 9000 for 6 hours and he tought him 6 hours online three days and also handed over pdf files and after than he also bought one optons stratergy software from smart finance costing 10500 and after taking training and software he has started options trading with stratergies with only one lakh investment and he is getting 3000-5000 per any body can sugest me should i go ahead and is there a reuglare regure of 3-4 percent per month if having knowledge of neurtal delta stratergies and having a software it isel. please help me I have a time and little knowledge and and few lakhs but i dont want to do loss can spare few hours and also having patience and punctual and want only 3-4 percent return per month



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