please clear my Basic doubts about FUTURE TRADING

Hello all :)

I am new here and want to know from seniors regarding my knowledge of FUTURE TRADING. I would appreciate even a little help.

CASE -- i want to buy a future of XYZ company which is trading at Rs. 99 while its future comes at Rs. 100 and the lot size is 100.

So it means that one lot would cost Rs 10000. And it would come to me at 15-20 % , lets assume 20% .

So now, 20% means Rs. 2000. My question is who pays this margin. Is it my broker or its actually me. Do brokers provide margin on futures buying. If yes, Do they charge some interest on this money (here Rs. 2000).

Lets assume i have more than Rs. 2000 in my account. Now, is it necessary to take margin from broker even if i could afford Rs. 2000?? I want to remain independent from broker, is it possible? :confused:

Now, lets assume that my expiry of lot has reached. If the market price is less than Rs. 100..say Rs. 90 , it means I'm in loss. Now, IS IT MY LIABILITY TO SELL THE LOT EVEN IF I'M LOSING?. Is it possible to forget about the future lot if I'm not making any money from in that case i would lose only my margin money which i invested at the time of buying the future lot?.

Or it is my liability to sell the lot even if i am not making any money through it?

And when is the margin money deducted from my account. At the expiry date or at the time of buying future lot? :confused:

CASE 2 - if the price reached Rs 110 on (or before) expiry date and i am selling, it comes out to be 110*100 = Rs. 11000

now i would make a profit of 11000-10000= Rs. 1000. i.e my initial margin would be adjusted in the final sell. right ?? :)

Some people were saying in the forum that the broker freezes the margin money in account during buying of futures. what does it mean. Whose money?? mine or broker...if it's mine how's the broker providing the margin money on his behalf??

I might sound very strange but i am very new and know nobody in person who could explain me all these things except you please help me..thanks in advance :):)

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