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I have NRI trading account. recently my father who is living in
India went through the process of opening new resident share trading
account and the bank documents and cheque he submitted
is a joint resident account between us.

Do u think it is a problem. he is already in process for opening
new resident account which will be replace by previous joint
account for linking with share trading.

I have seen KYC agreement copy it contain all the information
from our joint account.

One more question resident can open two different accounts with
two different brokers firm like hdfc and kotak

Any advise.

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Answer of your 1st question can be available at Tax Consultant, Attorney, etc. (earlier I said you "do not link NRI bank account with trading account". Now you are mixing something more! I don't know why you want to mix everything! You keep straight away separate or keep this way or ask to above people as I said Tax Cons., etc.! Choice is yours!!!)

2nd Q's Ans: Anyone can open as many share trading accounts as they want with one or multiple brokers!
I did not link any of my NRI account it is my father's resident account
and I became joint holder 10 years ago and now I live outside
India from last 8 years and he use that account for his purpose.

I hope you understand my question

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